Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, Weather watchers! Hope your week ends on a high note and you have a fantastic weekend.  Consider today Free Meal Friday!  You've been working hard all week, take a meal and indulge a little! Have a glass of wine with dinner, have some pasta with that delicious Alfredo sauce, add a dessert onto the meal.  Make this a tradition for yourself every Friday.  complete denial will lead only to heartbreak and despair when you inevitably slip and binge on something unhealthy.

Another idea that I found worked for me years ago and I will be instituting again is to allow yourself one sweet (or salty if that's your preference) treat a day.  You get to decide when you have it, of course, but it's a good way to moderate yourself without going overboard in either direction.

So today, I had a bit of a thinky thought.  I'm wearing a corset today (a non-restricting one, more one for ascetics) and when I looked at myself in the mirror, i was surprised at how sleekly curvy I appeared.  A week of slightly healthier living hasn't done much in the way of weight loss, but I noticed there was something about my carriage that seemed more confident.  Part of this I'm willing to attribute to the recent addition of a rather fabulous boyfriend, but not all of it. Most certainly not all of it.

My shoulders were back, my head held high.  My skin was glowing and healthy, and there was a healthy sparkle in my eye that wasn't there a few weeks ago. 

All of this I fully attribute to my darling Weather Girls. Without them, This would be another attempt doomed to failure.  With you, I can succeed and get healthy. :D


  1. YAY for you being so confident today! I am not so confident, being currently under attack by some manner of evil superbug from outer space. Maybe tomorrow.

    I'm also going to save my delicious treat until I get my senses of smell and taste back. :p

  2. Ooh. A corset? I used to have one of those. My husband (then my BF) loved it on me. When I get some extra money, I may have to take a trip to Victoria's Secret, see if they have anything in my size.

    Actually, I should go there and just get "sized" officially. Proper fitting undergarments does wonders for one's figure, I heard.

  3. Thanks, Rainne! Yeah, the bugs do that. Aren't they awful? D: Any time I'm sick, i feel so completely disgusting I can't even stand it. Augh.

    Mary, yes! A corset! THough again, decorative instead of forming. In fact, my pudge rolls had it looking less sleek by the time I got to my boyfriend's than it did when I put it on this morning. Lesson learned, I think. And yes! yes, they do! I had no idea I was actually a D to DD cup (depends on the style and cut of the bra) until I was properly fitted. Did AMAZING things for my figure, my posture, and my self-confidence. Also, Vickie's is intended for people about the size of a pencil; I love Lane Bryant's Cacique brand, both for fit and for flirtiness. They've got some lovely lingerie. Unfortunately, their sale just ended, but if you keep an eye out, you can really keep the cost down.