Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's The Small Successes...

It's The Small Successes that mean the most, sometimes.

I have 2 pairs of pants that I absolutely adore.  I haven't wore either of them for well over a year, because when I put them on last, they were so tight that I had horrendous muffin top syndrome AND a fugly camel toe, to boot.

This evening, while trying to figure out what to wear out for a date night, I decided to try on the muffin top/camel toe causing pants....and they fit!  No muffin top. No camel toe.

Suddenly, my crabby, bloated, pms-y crankiness disappeared.

And this small success was brought about by a very small change: walking. Just walking to and from the subway to commute to work (about a mile round trip) and walking to the grocery store every evening.

Sure it took a long time, but that doesn't really matter anymore.  Not when I can finally wear two of my most favorite slacks I have ever purchased.

1 comment:

  1. *confetti*

    I know that feeling, girl. I have a pair of jeans lurking in the back of my closet. I can't waaaaait.