Monday, October 4, 2010

How was your weekend?

I was still pretty sick through most of mine. Felt better today, so I went to the gym with my friend.  We walked our mile on the track, but by the end of it, I wanted to die, so we didn't do the bike today.  Hopefully by Wednesday, I will be up to it again.

Didn't do too terribly bad on the eating this weekend... Mom and I went to Longhorn yesterday and split a rack of ribs.  I only ate maybe three or four ribs, but I did decimate my baked potato.

I am considering trying to do the Atkins induction phase, since I did it once before and dropped like ten pounds in a week, but I am honestly not sure whether or not I can stay away from Starbucks that long.  Plus there's that whole Atkins-may-be-bad-for-you debate.

In other news, I have a new hamster.  :)  Tell me about you!

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  1. The weekend...oh the weekend. combination busy as hell and terrifying as all get out (I met the boyfriend's father and stepmother. O_O ) but for the most part, I did fairly well in the land of healthier living. Though I really have to remember to eat more often. That, more than anything else, is going to bring me down. :/