Wednesday, September 29, 2010



My friend Emily went with me, and we did really well.  The indoor track in our rec center is 1 mile = 6.5 laps.  So we walked 7 laps (because really, who walks 6.5 laps and stops?  "Can I have a Segway for the rest of the trip?"  I think not.)  Then we did 10 situps each, and while I could probably have done more, it was really hurting my tailbone so we stopped.  We also spent time on the exercise bikes.  Emily went on the regular bike for a mile, but my doc recommended me to start on the recumbent bike.  So I did, but it was a kind of awkward position or angle or something, and I could feel it pulling at a muscle in my groin, so I stopped because a groin injury is NOT on my list of things to do this month.

I also ate relatively healthy today.  I had breakfast (toasted English muffin with peanut butter and a glass of V8 fusion, which I LOVE THAT STUFF), I had lunch (chicken sandwich and a snack size bag of Munchos, and a bottle of water[!!!]), and my mom was off work today and made dinner (meat loaf made with ground turkey, sliced tomatoes with cottage cheese, and a cornbread casserole thing that I totally could have eaten six pounds of but restricted myself to only one serving).

While the chicken sandwich was not the 100% best choice ever, since it came from Chick-Fil-A and was therefore fried, it was the best choice of everything available in the POD market in the building on campus where I have all my classes.  And I did put mayo on it, but I only used half the packet.  Baby steps, right?

The only thing I have to confess today is about my coffee.

I have a Starbucks habit.   It is right on my way to school every morning and come on, it is mocha delicious.  And I am only 8 days away from becoming the mayor of said Starbucks on Foursquare.  So, yeah.  Habit.  BUT I have been behaving.  Since last week, I have ordered the mocha frappuccino light, grande sized.  According to, this is only 167 calories.  Not bad, eh? 

This morning, I was a bad little weather girl.  *shifty eyes*  But it was sooooooooooo good.  I'm NOT beating myself up over it because I was so well-behaved for the rest of the day, and I did go to the gym.  Overall, I'm calling today a success.

What did YOU do today that was on track?  Tell me about YOUR success!


  1. Yes! Awesome job getting to the gym! I walked my 1/2 mile back to my apt this afternoon. It was humid and hot and I think I sweated off a pound or so. :)

    Here's a tip: caffeine dehydrates, so for every coffee or diet coke/pepsi, make sure you drink a 16 oz bottle of water. Particularly on hot days.


  2. I did drink quite a bit of water today. I had a regular sized bottle at lunch, and then after the gym I went through Starbucks (because I was too gross to get out of the car) and got a bottle of their ethos water, which at $2 is ridiculously overpriced, but is also 23 ounces.

  3. I am proud of you! Verra proud. :D I'd like to point out that I chased the dog around the neighborhood today, when he decided that he wanted to have a leashless adventure, and then i walked him to the bus stop and back. ALl while I was sick. that counts as exercise, right? ~dies a quiet death in the corner~

  4. That DEFINITELY counts as exercise, ESPECIALLY if you're sick. Any movement counts, really.