Saturday, September 25, 2010

MaryC's Introduction

AGE: 40-somethingish
WEIGHT: 169 lbs

HEIGHT: 5'4"


PANT SIZE: depends on the brand. Current Gap Jean size: 12 average

CURRENT LEVEL OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:  Recently increased because school started. I'm walking to and from the train to the bus stop and back as part of my commute, and I'm constantly standing and walking in the classroom (I'm a First Grade Teacher), and going up and down the stairs to and from my room multiple times during the day. Before that--Summer Vacation? Walked to the grocery store a couple of blocks from me and back on a daily basis.

CURRENT DIET: Since May, been basically following the WW Momentum plan, without journaling.  Starting today, I'm officially back on the WW plan and journaling.

WEIGHT LOSS HISTORY:  I was an average weight as a child, but when I hit my teens, I thought I was grossly fat.  Looking back at pictures of myself then, I shake my head at my younger self's completely bizarre self-image. 

I did get heavy in my Senior Year of HS, and lost a ton of weight on my own. Kept it off through the first couple of years in College, and basically gained weight very slowly through my young adulthood and beyond.

In 2000, when I moved from my home town to Los Angeles to continue my teaching career, I was at my heaviest: 184 pounds.  I did the WW "At Home" plan and hit my goal weight, keeping it off until I got lazy and gained it all back (plus 10 more pounds) by 2004.

At 194 pounds, my sister and I joined WW (AGAIN) and went to meetings each week. She quickly lost her weight (even though she had more to lose than I did), and I just plugged along, getting down to about 160 lbs (in time for my wedding)

We both stopped going to WW when our mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I gained almost 20 lbs back,  then lost about 1/2 of that, and have yo-yoed at that level, give or take 5 more lbs.  (My sister has gained most of hers back, but not all.)

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN:  I'm back on WW officially as of this morning. I'm doing the WW Online thingy, since my sister just refuses to go back to meetings with me. (She keeps saying she wants to lose some weight, first. (rolling eyes here) Seriously. WTF?)

LONG-TERM GOAL:  I want to lose 30 pounds to hit a goal weight of 140.

SHORT-TERM GOAL: I am a big believer in the goal of losing "10 %" of one's weight at a time.  As of right now, my short term goal is to lose 17 pounds. I don't have a target date for that, it'll happen when it'll happen. 

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  1. I like your ST goal of the 10%. I think I remember that from my WW meetings. Good goal to have. :)